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[19:23] ! Genexi2 slaps cY around with his monkeycock
[19:23] (@{cYanide}) LOL
[19:23] (Chipmunk) lol
[19:23] (@{cYanide}) u know they are quite small

[19:29] (@{cYanide}) gen your an obsessed... stalker.. and ..... you have a fetish for cats in boots... mind you yellow hide thigh height plastic lickable mew boots

(@Snarty) I personally think PP2D makes MSPaint look like Genexi coded it

(aCiD2) i'm not exactly 1377 but i know a bit

(Ion-Storm) l77t

[09:43] (Defoc8) im going to sell my nipples on e-bay :)

[12:47] (andreas|blixt) Effin 'ell, this logs a hard one to get down

[22:59] (@Ravey) zenith i think i love u
[23:00]   Quits: Zenith` ( Quit: I have brain golems
[23:00] (Shadee) LOL!
[23:00] (@Drago) Ravey: you had to scare him away.... :)
[23:01] (@Ravey) lmao
[23:01] (@Ravey) he is playing hard to get

(@Ravey) i never understood women, but have a fiddle here and there and u soon learn
(@Ravey) or not lol

[10:06] (Thox) Argh damn, Access violation...
[10:07] (Thox) :(
[10:09] (Shadee) you been touching buttons again?
[10:09]   Joins: ST (
[10:10] (Shadee) you know windows is frigid and dun like that
[10:10] (@morduun) LOL

[17:00] (Sarge) Turk what nationality are you
[17:00] (Turkwoyz) enhllish

[12:47] (osc) i cant identify username
[12:48] (Turkwoyz) try goating
[12:48] (Turkwoyz) *ghoast
[12:48]   osc is now known as pay
[12:48]   Orca changes topic to 'AppTitle(""); Support channel for Blitz! | NEWSFLASH: Check Blitzcoder for important news, BLITZCODER RIP 30th April 2005 | try goating'
[12:48] (@Shadee) try /quit nick pass
[12:48] (Turkwoyz) noooooooooooooo!
[12:48] (rhyswynne) lol
[12:48] (Blitz_Am) LOL
[12:49] (@Shadee) seriously
[12:49]   Quits: pay ( Quit: oscar ohbj18
[12:49] (@Shadee) LMAO
[12:49] (Blitz_Am) LOL
[12:49] (Turkwoyz) YAY, I'M IN THE TOPIC!!!
[12:49] (Blitz_Am) ROFLMAO
[12:49] (@Shadee) I really didn't think he would
[12:49] (@Orca) u go girl
[12:49] (Turkwoyz) ROFL
[12:49] (@Shadee) ah well XD
[12:49]   Blitz_Am is now known as oscar
[12:50] (oscar) LOL
[12:50] (@Orca) lol
[12:50]   oscar is now known as Blitz_Am
[12:50]   Joins: pay (
[12:50]   pay is now known as oscar
[12:50] (@Orca) wb
[12:50] (Turkwoyz) lol
[12:50] (oscar) yay
[12:50] (oscar) thanx
[12:50]   Quits: oscar ( Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Blitz_Am))

[11:24] (wu) dirty bomb is a bomb with poo inside it?
[11:25] (Caff) yes.
[11:26] (wu) they use gas in poo to make bomb?
[11:26] (Caff) yes, they do indeed.
[11:27]   Shadee is now known as Dee|afk
[11:27] (@Orca) i just made a bomb not all that long ago :)
[11:27] (@Orca) created a gastronomical explosion
[11:27] (@Dee|afk) pooping yer pants doesn't qualify as making a bomb dude
[11:28] (@Orca) :/
[11:28] (@Dee|afk) XD

[11:18] (aCiD2) msiterx - tell me if putting you on ignore gives a message
[11:18] (aCiD2) Did you see anything then?
[11:18] (aCiD2) There, unignored now :P
[11:19] (aCiD2) Did that display a message?
[11:19] (@Shadee) dude he's already answered. you sure you removed him from the list ?
[11:20] (@Shadee) can you see what he typed just now aCiD2 ?
[11:20] (aCiD2) No
[11:20] (aCiD2) :/
[11:20] (@Shadee) weird
[11:20] (aCiD2) He's not on my list though
[11:20] (CrazyGaz) type /unignore misterx
[11:20] (aCiD2) He's not ignored!
[11:20] (CrazyGaz) he must be
[11:20] (@Shadee) did you see what he just typed ?
[11:21] (aCiD2) no
[11:21] (@Shadee) and again ^ ?
[11:21] (aCiD2) ack, brb, reboot
[11:21] (aCiD2) nope
[11:21] (@Shadee) k
[11:21] (aCiD2) not seeing it :P
[11:21] (CrazyGaz) a reboot, bit extreme but it might cure it
[11:21] Quits: aCiD2 ( Read error: Connection reset by peer
[11:21] (@Shadee) LMAO
[11:21] ! CrazyGaz high fives Shadee
[11:21] ! @Shadee smirks
[11:21] (misterx) lol

[09:13] ! oscar adds misterx
[09:13] (@Shadee) lol
[09:13] (oscar) or shoudl is say... mister sex
[09:13] (oscar) rawr
[09:14] (misterx) ...

[19:03] (NoelCower) That would've made a great PC case :P
[19:03] (@Shadee) not instantly either. it'd go through snow until it got to another channel
[19:03] (@Shadee) lol PC case ?
[19:04] (NoelCower) Yar
[19:04] (NoelCower) Although, really, taking apart a TV could kill you I think
[19:04] (@Shadee) It was so huge you could house 100 hamsters in it
[19:04] (NoelCower) I think you're the first person to measure volume in hamsters O-o
[19:04] (@Shadee) lol
[19:05] (@Shadee) yeah that comment didn't do much for my credibility did it
[19:06] (NoelCower) Nope

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