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Whois Shadee Wolf ?

Well, I was born in the Netherlands on the 21st of September 1979...
("hold on David Copperfield, if you're going back THAT far we need some popcorn or something!")
Alright alright... I'll keep this short...ish :

My dad is Italian, my mom Friesian, so I'm a mix of the two most stubborn kinds of people in the world ;) I also have two older brothers.
I love movies, art, computers, good food and the outdoors :)

Education : well, I wanted to do an art course (duh really?), but the only good one at that time was halfway across the country and frankly,
my mom didn't like the idea of me moving out on my own at the age of 15 ;) Bless her for that.
Sooo I picked the most interesting other course I could find, which was IT (Information Technology) Which is prettymuch everything concerning PC's :) I finished the 4 year course.
My eldest Bro has always been into tinkering with electronics and puters (mmm good ol' Commodore Amiga). So I guess he somewhat influenced me.

Career : The company I did my final internship for, decided to keep me afterwards so yay, instajob!
It was a great versatile job. I did various tech duties like repairs, Upgrades, custom builts and troubleshooting, but also sales, delivery and RMA's there. After that job I ended up at a local real estate company as a sysadmin.
My career ended when I decided to resign myself... why? here's why :

Relationship :I'd been a member of the Blitzcoder community (RIP) for a while and had been posting often on their boards
So one day I decided to take a peek on their IRC channel. It was lotsa fun. The moderators were cool and so were the peeps :) After quite some time I started a convo with Morduun, one of the US mods I hadn't talked to much before.
We got along great! We were very differen't, but agreed where it counted. One thing led to another and soon we'd grown quite fond of eachother. We went to Paris together and visited eachother whenever we could and well, there's why I quit my job :) after a year of visiting eachother on short trips we decided we were sick of being that far apart all the time. And I made a huge decision for someone who'd been living in the same house for 24 years...

The move : I decided to move to the US to live with mords :) Been here for quite a while now and we're doing great! :) Adopted a shelterdog named Sophie, and a stray kitty named Screech got married! (no not to one of the pets :P) and life keeps getting better and better :) Need to get used to a lotta things here, but Mord's been the best support and I know I can always count on him.

Art : Since I love nature and animals (our yard was like a pettingzoo when I was a kid,filled up with all sortsa rescued animals) I can't help but draw those the most. I've been working on anatomy through anthro art which is awesome for it because you can play around with strange and different anatomy features, so it's a lot of fun! :) Realism is something I've only been getting into recently, getting a few commissions here and there, so that's great practise! :) But I have to say mythical creatures (especially dragons) are still my favourite. Probably also because I've been drawing them since I could hold a pencil.

If ya wanna know more about me? feel free to send me a mail ;)

Well... so much for keeping it short huh :/

Well, take care! And I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the site!


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