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Jun 29 2008
I've added a wildlife photography section to the site.
I'm still very new to photography and am still learning so don't expect anything
amazing just yet ;) But feel free to check it out if you're curious :)

Jun 12 2007
The forums are back! I'm now using them for Furreal instead of general randomness.
You can find them in the left menu or just click here. Feel free to join and share your thoughts.
Old members have not been deleted and still have access through their old logins.

Feb 22 2007
I'm adding a photo collage to the site.
It will include people holding up a piece of paper with my URL.
If it sounds like fun and you'd like your mugshot in it then check here for more details!

Nov 26 2006
I'd forgotten that my links page had been wiped while I was tinkering a while back.
And since it's been a while I can't remember which links I had in there.
So if you were linked here or I know you and you'd like to be linked here,
please send me a mail with the URL and a banner/button if you have one. :)

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